Letter to my Ex

So, I choose to write you a letter as booking an appointment to see you would have rather sparked up a lightening, one I wasn’t ready to risk.

Despite all that has happened, my heart keeps reminding me of how long I have known you, too long to not say a word. This letter may come as a complete shock to you, judging from how I forced us into taking separate paths but I still pray you are patient enough to read through.

2months after I left you and asked you to never look for me, 60 days later, I had remained mentally single, no one to query me for skipping lunch, no one to monitor my progress at work, no one to ask if anyone winked at me and admired me for showing up to work looking all gleamed as hope and beautiful.

The idiot I broke up with 2 hours ago before making this letter, was ready to have sex with me, even though I had cold and needed tender care and when I resisted, his glare almost began suggest my next nightmare, as if he would break me and make me, like a god, slammed against a lonely girl preaching survival.

I miss being carried to the bath tub, I miss being kissed and pampered to sleep, I miss being fed with smiles and food, haven’t had a moment of successful shakara. I miss seeing a full fledged man pushing his ass against mine, just to crack me up and force laughter off my frustrations.

I want you back and I am not asking, fuck everything I said to you, I meant none of them and I love you Jim, I do, I never stopped, I lied when I said I had stopped, none of those bullshit I said came out of my heart, that’s why I don’t remember them at all, I know you don’t either. Perhaps it’s too late, 62days is enough for a guy like you to be taken by another girl who knows your worth, but if by chance you had broken up too, or considering, please read my letter more than twice.

Also, I forgive you for every hurtful thing you said to me, those were out of anger and I understand, and I expect you to understand too, that I may have shared a bottle of wine with my ancestors, understandably the reason why I looked and acted so drunk.

Please Jim, run through my letter more than once and I will be fine. I hope some day I gain enough courage to tell you more about how I really feel about you, looking straight into your tiny pretty eyes, because losing you to someone else would devastate me. I love you, always and forever.

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