Based on my Opinion


Episode one

Opinion is basically a one sided understanding created in reference to an event, which is not necessarily based on actual facts or knowledge.

Opinion is the only court room where we as people are allowed to be judges, on behalf of our mindset and personal understanding of something we knowing nothing much about. Maybe something we know very little about or thereabout any.

So what makes us think, we can lock a cat up because it missed out on a rat that ate the remains of meal we left untidy. Even the poor cat is subject to further litigation, she needs to be heard too, you know.

Being heard is one thing, breathing the right information is another, understanding the basics behind your contributions or judgments towards an issue is key to saving lives. We never know yet, how important that is.

As much as we all want to be heard, we need to also understand that, the feeling is mutual and so therefore we have a choice to make every time one is caught in between making choices silently and voicing them aloud, so that everyone can hear.

I will leave the scene for a while, so that we can digress successfully. A Human mind is a world of substance, it doesn’t matter whats happening in there, since man only know what his is been told and the mind only understands what it sees and can fearlessly interpret. We know so many things goes on in there, quite a lot of profuse occurrences, we all are venomously aware of.

Truth be told, if our mind where to be reaped off our bodies, most us wouldn’t survive a day. Most things that are been interpreted in there would be enough threat to wipe out an entire region and ignite more negative interactions.

This paragraph is particular to those who are very good in keeping unhealthy events to themselves, things they don’t deem good enough to share, even though Same line upholds a being with significant control of his / her mind.

With a little understanding been established, we now know it is necessary to be in water and not converse nor compete with fishes, even though you can swim better. Knowledge is power, but its better used in sole areas where you make certain profits, mentally or otherwise.

Walking back to the path were we began, it wouldn’t be enough, if we decided to discuss the course of opinions over breakfast, lunch and dinner. The night would grow taller and the stars bigger, if we staged a phase to discuss our verbal and mental involvement in the life of others.

Relationships are important, too handy to be left in a handbag for a second, but opinions are exclusively the drive behind the wheels of progress, as it configures one’s composure and exposes them to heritable areas of intellectual and purposeful benefits.

Opinion is served in everyone’s glass, the moment two or three are gathered, what you say when are asked, determines what the content in your glass should have been rather than what is presently in it. Until you are asked to about what you think, regarding something, then you possess a right to be outspoken but that doesn’t mean you said it all right, despite your absolute level of preparations. Remember, the question was based on what is in the secret place of your most high, which is your mindset and not that of any other individual.

Let us take a break, so that I can remind you, that the course of opinion is the greatest tool to serve the interest of sentiments and bad arguments. Understanding is an actual leak at this time, the truth only exist in the context of your mind, not particular to who heard or witnessed.

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