Perfect, Imperfection

It’s true,

There is nothing like perfect,

It’s also true,

Imperfections runs in our veins,

The ability to not dot what we started when necessary,

The ability to not talk about a tomorrow that has everything in place,

The ability of inconsistency in selected and less expected areas,

Maybe because our creator is Perfect,

And so, for the reason we cannot reach that mark,

Helps us remain submissive and hopeful that things will be alright.

For sake of reasons and the commitment that life presents,

Not every big being has a big heart,

The thinnest being in the room, didn’t need to burn as much calories to look beautiful,

Because I am tall and dark doesn’t help me match your reflections,

Because you are fair, and brief might have been the reason your dreams are tall and your hopes feasible.









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