How i feel about Seduction (Esp 1 extension)

The ethics of seducing others with the mind have become the most common part of our natural habitat, the sexual aspect of seducing others with the mind seems to be the most eminent and can be too controversial to dissect.

Since everyone is a master of their own home, it will be left for the man in the center to decide on whose shoulder he needs to sit across in other to be countered. Mind seduction is a crushing being that hides it’s breathe underneath her facial expressions. You don’t get to see the effect if my face speaks outsides the water you thought you soaked my voice into.

Mind seduction is rare a entity, perhaps, like nailing yourself on a cross you thought someone else was about to be saved from, the genesis of another mistake, the start of something beautiful, an ambiguous situation, that is why most people prefer not to use it, if the intention is less genuine than the actual purpose, yet they would like to know what they are and how it is possible to sexually and mentally influence another human being. It may not be a good idea, but other people who feel they are vulnerable want to know techniques in order to try and guard themselves from people who would hope to influence them.

If you would like us to argue about the ethics of seduction, then we must make it an actual ‘on Air’ topic. That way, we can stay in the cloud and dissect it in the mist of everyone. The ethics of influencing a person to play alongside when seriousness is yet to change from their actual means of survival. The ethics of influencing a person who is morally and legally committed or who is in some sort of relationship or friendship. The ethics of influencing grownups and her offspring. The ethics of how much influence a person is willing to handle at time. The ethics of an actual response to a tempting situation. The ethics of being a god over another’s temple of reality.

Here and now, I encourage debate and chatter as it serves to help each person understand more about themselves and the world around them. As we plan to initiate a method, be forewarned of the powerful nature of these methods. Be careful, for they will work and produce interesting results. 

“Seduction is an art, drawn by a mind good enough to caress a sun to sleep”

– CS Nwilliams

How i feel about seduction by CS Nwilliams


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