Fame and fortune as a people.

You want fame, its simple, create it.

Life is glued on bricks waiting for one whose strong enough to build fearlessly, with her advancements. These are already made droplets developing recklessly at everyone’s doorsteps, waiting to see what we make of them.

As beautiful as life is, people fall, not because they are not skillful or strong enough to carry life alongside their breath, but because they forgot the weight of the brick they carry and so they laugh and gist, while climbing on a scaffold they built to lay the next brick for growth to stick.

They saw the distractions, they were warned already, but as the phrase come to man ‘something must ruin a man’ the man kind embraces, because he has chosen an intimidate wing of lustful and unhealthy preoccupation, while working tirelessly in such an unsafe and hazardous environment called survival.

Its a common factor that we forget, nothing is permanent behind the shadows of receiving. If you fail to be involved, you practically won’t know the emergency exit to the shelter you were brought into to dwell, which leaves you at the front door, whenever a certain flood decides to visit.

Life demands that you feel the soil to harvest food, feel the mud to locate clean water, break dusts to raise shelter, be a part of her trails and you will know the story better than anyone else telling from a castle built by their ancestors.

You never know, until you are told, but that is strange because fame and fortune, are no ignorant people.


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