Fiction of a Nerdy Young Lady 2


So, I went to my cousin’s house over the weekend, they were surprised, in fact, the entire family welcomed me like the prodigal son was welcomed back home by his father, at this time, I began to imagine what would happened if I went to visit my own family and decided to spend a night with them, I can’t imagine, I don’t want to.

Cassie was quick to close up on me after a heated argument over the phone with a common particle off the littered leftover man in my life, for some reason I explained and only afforded to tell a little lie, one that only protected certain explicit details.

Cassie looked at me and quick sprinted off to fetch me a chilled glass of water, then he took me out in the open and had me gallivanting with him all over the fields.

“you said you prayed for men to come your way, instead of a man. That was because you were desperately in need of choices, you wanted to choose and so you did. Perhaps it didn’t work out well, because, in your prayer, you were supposed to highlight the kind of man you wanted, being specific would have made your search on google, adequate and spot on, but because you choose to compound too many tags, you missed out on your specifics and ended up with multiple personalities, which you enjoyed. I am also sure that, because you prayed and fasted, because who sued your life into the church bank account, you included a plus sized back account in the personality of men that you wanted, perhaps, as a reward for your commitment to the body of Christ. Now you are standing on the same table, that I am feeling so obligated to shake, you have become too wealthy, only those on your level can approach you, you have become too powerful that those on your level are unable to see you as a complimentary mate, you might need to drop your guard, alter your mindset and start winning again, and if you must pray to secure back up, be more specific, God himself wouldn’t appreciate a greedy person, but because I know you are not that type, he still wouldn’t accommodate a confused prayer. Be more specific” he said, as we round out of the field, to save our heads, from the rains that was coming.

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