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Seduction might be in contact with everything that I love. To an extent, it involves a degree of wet flows out of a wind of juicy experience, which is generally the first thing that disappears after you’ve been in a relationship, and why there’s no more seducing that goes on. Everything is familiar and you’re no longer surprised by the other person.

The best part about anticipating a glass of milky attractions is to not rush things, there is a chance you might miss the best part, which is being able to right a tasty story about the process. Seduction is worth savoring, is all about saving an expression for the last.

Seduction is everyone’s game, the most convenient way of seeking asylum, shutting the door on your mind from absorbing a wet flow of your senses and listening to other people, all by yourself. It’s about absorbing their strength and getting inside a world they are familiar with. 

We live in times where people are just so damn self-absorbed that they’re not able to muster up the energy to look away from their flimsy attachments and their own problems to look inside another person.

My most intimate opinion:

Seduction is getting me to see you through the eyes of a possible craving, notice you. Money is capable you know, what I call my favorite kind, Sexual Seductions, because I am certainly a victim.

Seduction could make one feel too bright to see a sun that smiles at noon. Exclusive feelings, thoughts of gold and silver before the wind crosses with fragrance we call rose even when it doesn’t grow anywhere close.

Seduction is cute for my kind of anticipation; the attraction is the part that makes a difference because it must be a kind that capable of moving me uncontrollably.

– CS Nwilliams

how i feel about seduction by cs nwilliams

Written by CS Nwilliams

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