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(So I sneaked up on my doctor, rinsing his hands after a private meeting with his big ass nurse).

Hey doctor, how reliable is your sex drive?


(Doctor gazed at me with his eye lids), “if you are having some doubts about your drive of late, get used to eating walnuts”




Just so I don’t acquire your girlfriend because you decided to take a leave, walnuts improve the quality of your sperm, go that way If you need Joy to check your substance, she’s beautiful, she can make you cum, trust me that lady is crazy, and I am proud of the hospital’.


(There you go sir, in my mind, I was starring at him, lost). I am sure this dude is lacking. ‘no words’


if no, then shut the hell up and listen. As I was saying, Walnuts improve the vitality of your sperm. Consider that in your diet.

You see those strawberries and raspberries you buy for ladies, buy some for yourself too next time you visit a grocery store, the seeds dropping off those babies are loaded with zinc, which is essential for your sex drive. It’s good for the ladies too, that they started beating you of recent. (he pauses, then looks around) she told me, (he whispers).

When ladies take plenty of zinc, they buy your consciousness and sanity with their wet ass sprinting all over the place, reminding you how ready they are to join the ride. Zinc for us men, controls our lightens and testosterone level which is responsible for creating those white substances called sperm. Take a lot of zinc sir, you match up a lot, you desperately need a refill.

Next! are Avocados, trust me sir, I love those with all my heart. That shit turns me on, with her sexy taste like butter, merge with bread or jollof rice and you are on top of the world. Text me for folic acid and vitamin B6 and you will testify, because I know I am rich. Folic acid pumps the blood energy, while vitamin B6, stabilizes the hormones.

Next! Is watermelon. Never mind, I am not going to tell you. (then he changed his mind, such a clown) Rocky made it to the ring but didn’t win, then his trainer introduced him to watermelon. That stuff is dope, our creator knows whats up, he gave us watermelon to improve our erection. After last visit to the hospital, I smash, although I am not sure its the watermelon though, but, I know who you are and what is needed for randy boys.

Like Almonds too, Watermelon too contains what we call ‘arginine’ I am sure you don’t know what that is, it’s not in your field. Arginine improves blood circulation and helps relax your blood vessels. I know you have done a lot in your life, I just hope I am being fair to those pretty ladies you are about to change their last names with a sudden prolonged erection with these amino acids found in almonds and watermelon.




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And there comes an enemy in sexy attire, CHOCOLATE. I buy it for them too, until Joy gave me some to try. She said to me, right into my ears, in a very resourceful tone, ‘eat and let your mood revitalize. I give you this beauty, with the authority to release serotonin and endorphins, but I will walk away afterwards, before you start getting ideas’. I actually ate those and since then, I started sharing every chocolate I buy for anyone. I can eat too you know. Make sure you eat eggs a lot, once a day is cool for your age, you know, you need L-arginine, should in case.

Next time, you come to my office and I offer you coffee, you better drink without thinking twice, good coffee is expensive. I am talking as regards to your last visit.

Come over next week if you want to hear more, else I am officially handing you over to Joy. Listen carefully (he drew his eyes) suspend your ideas when she begins to touch you, shes not your type, shes a doctor, responsible for the man. Fruit sellers don’t eat fruits more often, yet they can tell you the exact taste of what they carry.


Thank you, Sir


You are welcome.

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