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PT | 123 Mope’s next epsiode

micRadio Apprentice todayJanuary 8, 2023 183

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    PT | 123 Mope's next epsiode Radio Apprentice

From a podcaster to another great and amazing podcaster!

How should a fun podcast should begin?

A fun podcast should begin with a catchy and memorable introduction that grabs the attention of the listeners and sets the tone for the rest of the episode. The introduction should include the name of the podcast, the hosts, the topic, and a brief overview of what to expect. The introduction should also be engaging and entertaining, using humor, anecdotes, or questions to spark curiosity and interest. The introduction should not be too long or boring, as it might lose the listeners’ attention or make them skip ahead. The introduction should also not be too vague or misleading, as it might confuse or disappoint the listeners. A fun podcast should begin with a clear and compelling introduction that invites the listeners to join the conversation and enjoy the show.

Radio Apprentice x Mope 

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