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PT | 153 Someone always better?

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    PT | 153 Someone always better? Radio Apprentice

The Idea of letting someone go because another who is better will come knocking, one of the most positive thought that is well backed with a decisive answer but with an uncertain future. You can let go of someone but you are not in control of who takes over the office, you won’t have people cueing up to be interviewed by you so how do you then know that a better person is one the way?

Letting go means, releasing or relinquishing attachment, control, or emotional ties to something or someone. It involves accepting the present moment, allowing things to unfold naturally, and moving forward without holding onto past experiences or expectations. Letting go does not necessarily mean giving up, but rather, it is a conscious decision to release the grip on things that may be causing stress, pain, or hindering personal growth. It can be applied to various aspects of life, such as relationships, past mistakes, expectations, or negative emotions, and is often seen as a pathway to personal freedom, peace, and a healthier mindset. But, it comes to situations this complex, the time to reconsider and rethink becomes absolutely necessary to one.


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