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    QA B03 Radio Apprentice

Our guest for this session was Jennifer Okosun and her own concern regarding the status of podcasting in our community was the kind of topic that seems common in the tongue of everyone who could afford the microphone. Podcasting not really a pandemic, but the choice of topics and the manner at which these people express themselves paint the ugly picture about podcasting.

Is podcasting a virus?

Is podcasting now become a pandemic?

Meanwhile, lets share a little bit of insight on how a good topic can be chosen for a show.

Deciding on a good topic for a show requires thoughtful consideration and careful evaluation. It begins by understanding the target audience and their interests, ensuring that the chosen topic resonates with them. Researching current trends and news can provide inspiration and help identify subjects that are generating buzz. Brainstorming ideas and assessing audience demand are crucial steps to ensure relevance and engagement. It’s essential to consider the show’s theme or format and align the topic accordingly. Striving for uniqueness and freshness, while also maintaining variety and continuity, contributes to a captivating show. Seeking feedback and staying adaptable allow for continuous improvement and responsiveness to audience preferences. Ultimately, a good topic for a show is one that not only captures the host’s interest but also resonates with the audience, creating an engaging and memorable experience.


CS Nwilliams (Radio Apprentice) x Jennifer Okosun


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Oralvault Q & A

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