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    QA B04 Radio Apprentice

Is Podcasting now a pandemic?

Maybe we can consider measuring the instincts of those watching and find a way to clear the path well enough, where it’s good for everyone. Let’s discuss creating a topic for your show.

When choosing a topic for a radio show or a podcast live show, there are several important factors to consider. Firstly, think about your target audience and their interests. Understanding the demographics and preferences of your listeners will help you select a topic that resonates with them. Next, consider the uniqueness and relevance of the subject matter. Look for topics that haven’t been extensively covered or explore a fresh angle to capture listeners’ attention. It’s crucial to ensure that the chosen topic aligns with the format and theme of your radio show. Additionally, consider the potential for engaging discussions, interviews, or captivating storytelling around the chosen topic. Finally, keep in mind current events, trending topics, and social issues, as incorporating timely and relevant content can help attract and retain listeners.

QA B04 – Questions and Answers

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