Timely Frustration!

Timely Frustration!

Harry batched in to the house, on a faithful evening with a dream thought, none of those where sexual, one of those were arriving his studying room and getting money fixed.

His mood predicted so, Mary knew, she just wasn’t sure he even wanted dinner. “you want anything? She asked, fearlessly and reluctantly. As usual, Harry had a way of excusing himself in a very unnecessary manner, not even “i am not hungry, I am sorry” yes sure. He needed to add the sorry part, Mary always lamented on how much she deserved apologies for his personality.

Previously, she had tried to approach him with possible challenges, capable of stealing the best part of his conscience and she tied that around her beauty. That only forced a smile out of his business looks and that to her, was enough for that day, until she perhaps, missed out on any more possible lines to use.

As Harry, kept on rolling up his sleeves repeatedly, she knew. “is something wrong?” ,

he replied with a frustrated ‘no’ and continued setting up himself to continue with work.

“you just got home” she said, a little irritated.

“and I need to work, please” he replied, faintly. Bowing to the laptop as he continued scrambling for documents to fit.

Mary closed her eyes and when opened them, with a breathe so loud, she drifted closer to the desk in the center.

“I may be everything you want, but in absence of the bulk word “understanding” I am not the principal of patience, you want a chancellor, not like this, I studied, how to love a man, care for him and listen to his frustration, all from my mother. I realized, you have become much more frustrated, annoying and you bluntly excuse your conscience these days. Harmonically, Those happen to be my own findings. I have watched you lately, how fair is it, you longer eat my skin to set me up for whom you want at night, you no longer take your time to whip my natural excessive drippings with your tongue, I no longer get to be kissed like a missing jewel, my body seems to be struggling to initiate a reset and every woman in my shoes, will add something to their frustration but I haven’t at all.

For your information, I suspected you would get home like this, so I made food enough for a couple of days, then I booked a hotel room for myself. Take your time with work, try not to break everything in the house, because every time you return to your senses, you basically look like a child, come for me, when you are genuinely ready for me, that’s if you will ever be ready. Meanwhile, hotel bills are on you.

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