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Samantha S. Aaron Mills - Secret Conspirancy (Lian July Remix) This song is dedicated to my dear dad, I love you! 😘 Jennifer S. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Remix) 🙀😜 I love your music! Please play my song for this afternoon Mark Daft Punk - One More Time 😎 Time to Party! Thanks for the great music!

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The importance of making an attempt #cookathon

This podcast is in solidarity with Chef Dammy from Ekiti state, Nigeria, who in the shortest period made the most attempt in breaking Hilda Bacci's record even before it was affirmed and announced by the Guinness book of records. A lot has been said walking the process while a few more has been said to further encourage her, since we perceive that her intention is different. Now let's discus the importance of making an attempt, a positive one to be […]

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RR | Citizen’s response to the removal of fuel subsidy

The fuel subsidy in Nigeria is a controversial policy that has been in place for decades. It involves the government paying the difference between the international price of petrol and the fixed price for consumers, which was selling at 200 - 250 naira per litre before the inauguration of the current president of Nigeria. The subsidy was meant to reduce the cost of living for Nigerians, but it also consumes a large portion of the government's budget and encourages corruption […]

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Arts and Culture

Would you like your favorite book turned into a movie? #booktalk

Let's start this session by highlighting interesting books that were successfully turned into a movie, while we wait for you to add yours. "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien is a captivating fantasy epic that was successfully adapted into a highly acclaimed movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. The book follows the perilous journey of Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship of the Ring as they set out to destroy the powerful One Ring and save Middle-earth from the […]

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What is the real purpose of Godwin Emefiele’s arrest?

The President, Bola Tinubu, had on Friday 9th of June, 2023, announced the suspension of Emefiele, citing an investigation and reforms in the financial sector. Emefiele was directed to immediately hand over the affairs of his office to the Deputy Governor (Operations Directorate) pending the conclusion of the investigation and the reforms. Sources: Vanguard, Punch, ChannelsTv, Daily post The rise and fall of Emefiele - Business day While a few Nigerian focused on the news hoping to see the outcome […]

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Arts and Culture

A swift piece of myself #readingbooks

If you want to cultivate a habit of reading books more often, here are some strategies you can try: 1. Set specific goals: Determine how many books you want to read within a certain timeframe, such as one book per month or 20 books per year. Setting goals will give you a clear target to work towards. 2. Make reading a priority: Dedicate specific time slots for reading in your daily or weekly schedule. Treat it as a priority […]

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First on air joint session between Amakar and IBK

Complimenting someone on their physical features can be a kind gesture, but it's important to approach such compliments respectfully and with sincerity. Here's a suggestion on how you can express admiration for a lady's dimple: "Excuse me, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I couldn't help but notice your beautiful dimple. It adds such a lovely and unique charm to your smile. It's truly captivating." Remember to deliver the compliment in a genuine and beautiful manner. […]

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Green flags in friendships

If we have red flags, then most certainly, there are green flags. Green flags are a sum total of all the great things and healthy habits we have enjoyed in our friendships with people at different stages of our lives.I believe if we choose to focus more on green flags and preach about them like the Gospel, I believe we will have better Friendships. Adult friendship is tough and hard because life keeps happening to us, and we sometimes forget […]

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Broadcasting talks

Is podcasting now a pandemic?

Let's start by sharing important highlights that discusses the benefits of podcasting and Podcasts. Despite a lot that has been said about podcasting in Nigeria and Africa at large, Podcast shares in our excitement and in return, offers; 1. Accessibility: Podcasts provide an accessible medium for consuming content. They can be listened to anytime, anywhere, using various devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. This flexibility allows people to listen while commuting, exercising, or engaging in other activities. 2. […]

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Erotic Verses

Wake me up and you know when

Wake me up and you know when the mornings are always very great for lovemaking and the narrative for us feels a lot the same. Let's leave out the conversation and just have sex.  

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