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Samantha S. Aaron Mills - Secret Conspirancy (Lian July Remix) This song is dedicated to my dear dad, I love you! 😘 Jennifer S. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Remix) 🙀😜 I love your music! Please play my song for this afternoon Mark Daft Punk - One More Time 😎 Time to Party! Thanks for the great music!

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Before you make that judgement #shorts

todayJune 19, 2023 1 473

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One of the most important skills in any profession is listening. Listening to people can help you understand their needs, perspectives, and feedback. It can also help you build trust, rapport, and collaboration. What should inspire you to listen to people is not only your own curiosity and interest, but also your respect and appreciation for their knowledge and experience. Listening to people can open your mind to new ideas, insights, and opportunities.

How about the easiest way to hide depression?

The most hidden way of hiding depression is to pretend that everything is fine and that you are happy. This can involve putting on a fake smile, acting cheerful and optimistic, avoiding talking about your feelings or problems, and engaging in activities that you don’t enjoy. By hiding depression, you may hope to avoid the stigma, judgment, or rejection that some people face when they reveal their mental health issues. However, hiding depression can also have negative consequences, such as increasing your isolation, worsening your symptoms, and preventing you from getting the help and support you need.

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Host: C.S Nwilliams – Radio Apprentice

Written by: Studio Pen

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